Is Prozac killing marriages?



How does Prozac work?   It increases the level of serotonin in the brain.

And why is this important?   Because depression is associated with low levels of serotonin.


Prozac also has two other effects on body systems, that are required for starting and maintaining a relationship.

• It inadvertantly suppresses the brains dopamine circuitary

• And also kills off the sex drive


Why is the Dopamine circuit so important for falling in love and staying in love?

An American Biological Antropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, has done research on the effects dopamine has on the human brian and has illustrated that dopamine release is in fact, the key driving force behind romantic love.

Dr. Fisher explains how dopamine is released in the centre of the brain when a person was in love. This dopamine release is responsible for driving romantic love by creating an intense craving to be with that individual. Dopamine creates an addiction to be with a partner. It is the glue that holds 2 people together.

Dopamine is also released during orgasm, along with oxytocin, which is a chemical associated with attachment, strengthening the bond between couples.


Dopamine is a crucial chemical involved in falling in love and staying in love. But, by taking Prozac:

• you kill off the dopamine circuitary, which kills off the craving and addiction associated with romantic love

• you kill the sex drive, which eliminates the flood of chemicals associated with attachment


Turning lovers into friends……at best

And if your single, you are likely to remain so.


Garvan J. Lynch

M.B.A. D.I.C.  B.Sc. (hons) Pharm. M.R.Pharm.S.  M.P.S.I.  B.Sc. (Hons) M.R.S.C.  B.Sc. (Gen) N.U.I.