So, why are we launching a National Health Literacy day?

  • Raising awareness about the benefits of learning more about your medicines, is the primary objective of our National Health Literacy Day. It’s such a simple thing that patients can do, that is - to do a bit of research into their medicines -- and also, to let the public know that this simple act of learning more about their medicines, has fantastic benefits to patient’s health outcomes and patient’s quality of life. This is the key point we will be trying to get across to the public.
  • So, for example, If someone is currently taking a medicine for what-ever reason, and that person is still not feeling 100%, what we are saying to them is - - there is something you can do yourself about this – you are not powerless--- find out as much as you can about your medicines, educate and upskill, and by doing this, according to the World Health Organistaion, you will not only improve your health outcomes but will also improve your quality of life.